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Sustainable Environmental Development:
Renewable and sustainable materials to minimise load on fossil energy & reduction in carbon emission, orientation of villa to maximise use of natural elements, plantations delivering pre-cooled breeze for occupants, grey water treatment using baffle reactor with passive technique without chemical for recycling water for irrigation , use of flyash to make structure energy efficient. Larger openings to reduce hot air, high embodied energy materials such as aluminium windows & vitrified tiles replaced by low embodied energy materials to control carbon emission.

7' High decorative campus gate, video door phones linked to campus gate, door phone from villa gate, alarm button in kitchen linked to security.

Villa Landscaping: Driveways in paver blocks lined with flower beds with downlighters, party lawn, lotus pond, barbeque zone, orchard plantation for mango, coconut, cashew etc, along with herbs and spice garden, drip irrigation for ornamental plantation, sprinklers for lawn.

Villa Utilities: Water filtration unit, vermiculture, inverter back-up for essential lighting, satellite TV connections.

Villa External: M.S Decorative gate with utilities, staff quarter with toilet.

Campus Roads: Roads in concrete paver blocks with precast curbs, pavements, entry for all lined with flower beds, street lighting & furniture, decorative clock tower.

Maintenance: Horticulturists, gardners, technical maintenance staff on call, 24 hours security staff, biometric access control.

SWIMMING POOL Vitreous mosaic tiles Vitreous mosaic tiles       Filteration plant

Pool size 32’X 16’

Sun deck with pergola

POOL DECK   Anti skid tiles          
LIVING / DINING CEM plaster with white cement finish, acrylic paint Rustic ceramic tiles

POP with cornice, acrylic paint Entrance door: Solid wood factory finished, frame and shutter with melamine finish.
Sit out: UPVC sliding doors / aluminium and glass.
UPVC Windows    
MASTER BEDROOM CEM plaster with white cement finish, acrylic paint Wood pattern ceramic tiles POP with cornice, acrylic paint Decorative skin moulded doors UPVC Windows   Provision for split AC
BEDROOMS CEM plaster with white cement finish, acrylic paint Wood pattern ceramic tiles POP with cornice, acrylic paint Decorative skin moulded doors UPVC Windows   Provision for split AC
KITCHEN Designer tiles above platform
Rustic ceramic tiles POP Decorative skin moulded doors UPVC Windows   Modular kitchen platform with granite top
PATIO   Rustic ceramic tiles     UPVC Windows   Mural on wall for front patio swing in rear patio
BATHROOM Designer tiles Anti skid tiles POP, acrylic paint

Decorative skin moulded, marble / granite frames

Powder coated aluminium / UPVC Wall hung commodes, counter top wash basin, shower cubicles  
BATHROOM COURTYARDS Open to sky Anti skid tiles, marble shingles       Bath tub in M.bed bath courtyard, rain shower in upper Bed bath courtyard  

1 On Booking Rs. 15 lakhs
2 Within 30 days of Booking 15% of Sales Price less booking amount
3 Within 60 days of Booking 15% of Sales Price
4 On completion of Plinth 20% of Sales Price
5 On completion of Roof Slab 20% of Sales Price
6 On completion of Masonry and Plaster 15% of Sales Price
7 On completion of Flooring 10% of Sales Price
8 On intimation of Possession 5% of Sales Price + Annual maintenance charges (See note3) + Stamp duty and Registration charges(See note 4)


1.Booking Amount Rs. 15 lakhs for Villas

2. In the above stated Sales Price, all current development charges and miscellaneous government fees are included. In case of any upward revision in future by the Govt. agencies, the same would be recovered on Pro-rata basis from the Applicant / Allotee

3. Maintenance amount payable annually @ Rs. 15000/- per month. Annual increase by Rs 1000/-

4. Stamp Duty / Registration charges shall be payable with the last installment based on prevailing rates.

5. Prices subject to revision without notice at the sole discretion of the company.

*In the interest of maintaining high standards, all floor plans, layout plans, areas, dimensions and specifications are Indicative and are subject to change as decided by the company or any other competent authority.

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